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Episode 1

Avi, Mitch, Feishy and Yechiel Michel Refoel Menachem meet for the very first time and set out to explore the hick town of Verplanck in order to start a new Jewish community.


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Episode 2

The gang have an idea how to meet Jewish residents of Verplanck. Unfortunately things don't go exactly as planned.

Episode 3

The "get to know you" party continues. The chevra wanted to meet the townspeople but, as Feishy says, they "may have bitten off more than a handlebar"!

Episode 4

The gang finally find land but minyan problems ensue. Lunch at the mayor doesn't go smoothly.

Episodes 1 - 4 are available on DVD only. The cost is $26 which includes shipping in the continental US.To order online please visit our fundraising campaign page by clicking on the badge below.

(If you are affiliated with a chessed organization please contact us for free access.)

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